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New UTORid Account Recovery Service

UTORid Password Recovery ServiceInformation Technology Services launched a new UTORid Account Recovery (password reset) service this summer for the U of T community. Following a summer soft-launch, we would now like to invite the community to register for the service to help enable the use of the more convenient password reset option.   

Previously, online self-serve password reset was only available to students using challenge questions, whilst faculty and staff would have to visit a Help Desk in person.  The new service now offers a modern online password reset option via SMS (text) or alternate email to the entire community: faculty, staff, students and alumni.

How does the service work?

This service works by using alternate email or mobile number provided by the user to allow U of T to send either a password reset link to their alternate (non U of T) email or a unique six (6) digit code via SMS (text) to enable a password reset using the tool.

U of T staff, faculty, students, and alumni must first register for the UTORid Account Recovery Service to enable convenient password reset via alternate email or SMS (text). Users may consult the Step-by-Step Help Desk guide with screenshots on how to register for the service.

Users will need to know their UTORid and password to register for this service. Registration is only required once.

UTORid Account Recovery Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reset my password once I have registered?

If a user forgot their UTORid password, they may reset their password by following instructions on the UTORid password reset tool.  This tool can also be located by clicking on “Forgotten Password” link on the U of T Weblogin Screen

Users who recently registered for the new service should wait 20 minutes after registration before attempting a password reset.

Help Desk Article: Using the Password Reset Tool

Note: This service requires previous registration via the UTORid Account Recovery Service.


What happens if I try to reset my password without registering for the service first?

If the user did not register and tries to use the services, they will receive an error message when attempting a password reset online. Users should visit their campus Help Desk to help them reset their password and then register for the service for the future. 

What if I want to change my password, but have not forgotten my current password?

Users who wish to voluntarily change their password may go to the UTORid Account Management page at . Please note that users will need to know their existing password to change it with this tool.

  1. Go to the UTORid page
  2. Click on the “Change your password” link under the Account Management section
  3. Input your UTORid and existing password
  4. Click “Authenticate”
  5. Scroll down to the Password section and create a new password according to the instructions
  6. Click “Submit the modification request”

ITS encourages all faculty, staff, students and alumni to register for the UTORid Account Recovery service in the event they forget their password in the future.

My mobile number or alternate email has changed, how do I update this information for UTORid Account Recovery Service?

Users may update their alternate email or mobile (SMS) number anytime by following the following steps:

  1. Go to the UTORid Account Recovery Service
  2. Input your UTORid and password
  3. Click “Authenticate”
  4. Update the information available under the Manage Your Account section
  5. Review your Account Recovery Options and change if desired
  6. Click “Update”

Help Desk Article: Change Your Options for Password Reset Tool

Why do I have to choose between SMS – Mobile Option or Alternate email option? Can’t I have both?

Users have to choose either SMS reset or alternate email reset option as the system can only send one reset link or code at a time.

We encourage all users to input information for both mobile number and alternate email as they may want to switch the password reset option when travelling to avoid using their SMS while abroad or if mobile signal is simply not available, but an internet connection is.

Does the alternate email or SMS code expire?

Yes. When the user receives the validation code via alternate email or SMS, this code is valid for 5 minutes for security reasons. The code is also only valid within the current browser session where it was requested. Users should remain on the same page and complete the reset steps as soon as they request the code.

What does the “In-Person Only (Help Desk)” option mean?

The majority of users will be using either the SMS – Mobile Phone or Alternate email password reset option.

The “In-Person Only (HelpDesk)” option is available for users who desire to only reset their password in person with Help Desk support.  This means the user will have to visit a Help Desk in person and present appropriate identification to reset their password.

Important note: If a user selects this option and confirms the update, but wishes to change it at a later date, they will have to visit a Help Desk in person to change back to SMS – Mobile or Alternate email password reset option.

Which U of T services use UTORid?

University of Toronto has a number of services which use UTORid login credentials for access. This makes it convenient for students, faculty, staff and alumni to access commonly used services with one set of credentials.

Services which use UTORid credentials:

  • UTmail+
  • UTORexchange
  • UTORmail
  • Campus Wireless
  • The Learning Portal (Blackboard)
  • Library Services
  • CISCO/Jabber Personal Desktop Videoconference Services (staff & faculty)
  • Library Workstations
  • RAISE (Research)
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Microsoft Campus Agreement Downloads
  • UTAlert
  • Taleo for Staff