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This document is for department business staff (herein called administrator) who are involved with assigning authorization to other staff  to access ROSI and AMS and who may also manage SecurID assignment tasks – eg. applying for new SecurID cards, assisting with the card renewal process that occurs every three years, helping users who have lost their SecurID cards, etc.

The eToken is new technology that is intended to replace the SecurID card. The main differences of the two systems are:

  • eTokens don’t have a battery so they aren’t automatically replaced every three years.

eTokens do have a ‘digital certificate’ on them which will expire after a number of years. The eToken system provides notification when expiry will occur and the digital certificate can be renewed within the department – no  new physical device need be ordered.

  • administrators have the option of assigning eTokens to users themselves using a web application on their desktop.

eTokens can be set up for new staff by the administrator – the new staff person can walk out of the office ready to go to work . There’s no waiting for an eToken to be delivered from a central location. Note that this feature is optional – the administrator can order eTokens from a campus eToken administrator if they wish.

  • the charge for the eToken service is $33/year for each active eToken user in a department.

Every year on May 1, the administrator will receive a list of active eToken users for their department. That list can be reviewed/edited before billing takes place. Note that the new charge is 20% less than that of SecurID renewals done every three years.

  • the eToken can be used with all of the current services that the SecurID works with and more.

The eToken can be used with ROSI and AMS access. It is designed to be used with other online service also – these will be announced as the support is finalized.

Please review the Department Administrators FAQ for new and popular information.

Detailed instructions on eToken Departmental procedures are provided at EToken Department Administrator Procedures.