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The ISEA team works in collaboration with University stakeholders to manage risk and maximize security of the University’s information systems and data. The team is charged with developing security standards and monitoring practices. Further, the ISEA team will lead CIO initiatives around identity management, disaster recovery and business continuity.

The Director of ISEA leads the University’s Information Risk Management practice, identifying cost-effective opportunities to improve the University’s information risk profile, in alignment with its stated goals and objectives, and in cooperation with administrative and academic units.

The office of the Director provides the following strategic services to the University:

  • Direction and management of the department of Information Security and Enterprise Architecture
  • Organizational Information Risk Management (IRM) vision
  • Maintenance of the organizational IRM matrix
  • Development and monitoring of IRM key performance indicators
  • Evangelism for the use of Information Security and Enterprise Architecture services
  • Development of Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, and Protection of Privacy strategies
  • Serious incident Root Cause Analysis for the Office of the CIO portfolio
  • Business Continuity Planning and Change Management for the Office of the CIO portfolio
  • Risk Management Liaison for the Office of the CIO to the University, with regular communication to Internal Audit, Campus Police, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy offices

Information Security and Enterprise Architecture (ISEA)
4 Bancroft Avenue,
Toronto, ON M5S 1C1

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