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IT@UofT Strategic Plan (archive)

The Information Technology Services (ITS) division, under the leadership of Chief Information Officer (CIO) Bo Wandschneider, has now completed a year-long strategic planning process.

The University of Toronto’s IT@UofT strategic plan will focus and guide our efforts to support the University’s academic mission through information technology services, informing the vision, framework and initiatives, both within ITS and across the University for the next five years. Additionally, the strategic plan, directed by guiding principles, will provide a clear picture of and lead our IT investments in a rapidly evolving environment. In effect, this plan will shape IT@UofT.

The plan has been created with the input of all staff within ITS and key stakeholders from the broader University of Toronto community, under the guidance of a highly engaged steering committee.

The IT@UofT strategic plan, informed by guiding principles, includes:


image of compass


A shared vision informed by our five core values.

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Strategic pillars

Our broad goals to address emergent needs.

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Strategic initiatives

Priorities and achievement targets for the next three years.



IT@UofT – Leading Change in Our Community

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Community Consultation Process

Input of staff, partners and stakeholders has been critical to the development of the plan. Meetings and focus groups took place over an eight month period to gather valuable community feedback. The full process including milestones is outlined below.

IT at U of T Strategic Plan Milestones imageClick here to view PDF version.

Stakeholder engagement

During the consultation process, 670 IT staff, faculty students and administrators participated in our community consultation as part of the IT@UofT strategic plan process and actively participated in creating the vision.

photos from IT at U of T strategic planning sessions with all ITS staff, IT leaders, and steering committee

photos from IT at U of T strategic planning sessions with all ITS staff, IT leaders, and steering committee

Steering committee

The University of Toronto IT@UofT strategic plan steering committee met each term to provide guidance and recommendations from an institutional perspective.

Members of the IT@UofT strategic plan steering committee:

Diane Horton Associate Professor, Teaching Computer Science
Donald Boyes Associate Professor Department Of Geography And Planning
Sean Suleman Director, Human Resources & Workplace Investigations Human Resources And Equity
Jay Pratt Vice Dean Research And Infrastructure
Judith Chadwick Assistant Vice President Research Services Office
Mary Lyne Chief Administrative Officer Rotman School Of Management
Meagan Lau Graduate student (Masters at iSchool)
Steve Bailey Director Academic And Campus Events
Susan McCahan Vice Provost Innovations In Undergraduate Education
Ulrich J. Krull Vice President and Principal University Of Toronto Mississauga
Zoran Piljevic Information and Instruction Technology Services Director University Of Toronto Scarborough

Community Engagement Resources