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ITS Consultative Structure

ITS seeks to align all of its services to support the academic and enabling administrative activities of the University.  ITS staff are encouraged to bring forward suggestions for improvement based on their daily interactions with students, faculty and staff.  Additionally, ITS seeks to consult regularly with groups who reflect the range of our service community, to better understand their evolving needs and to inform them of new services as they are developed.

The following chart shows the groups with which ITS schedules regular contact, and identifies the appropriate liaison person within ITS leadership team.  If you see an opportunity to better inform our program of services through communication with other groups, please contact Tamara Adizes, Portfolio Communications Officer.


Group: Consultation Assigned to: Frequency:
Student Life Marden Paul Quarterly
Student Life Services providers Marden Paul Per invitation
University Registrar Bob Cook/Graham Kemp Every two (2) months
Divisional Registrars Graham Kemp Per invitation
School of Graduate Studies Bob Cook Biannually
SGS IT Committee Graham Kemp Biannually
CIO’s Student Forum Bob Cook Biannually
Direct Polling of Students Marden Paul Annually
Council of Student Experience Marden Paul Biannually
Accessibility Graham Kemp Biannually
Accessibility Coordinators Graham Kemp Biannually
UTM Community Bob Cook Biannually
UTSC Community Bob Cook Biannually
Central Administration – President Bob Cook As required
Central Administration – Provost Bob Cook As required
Central Administration – University Operations Bob Cook Weekly
Council of First Entry Deans Bob Cook Annually
Single Department Faculty Deans Bob Cook Annually
Council of Health Science Deans Bob Cook Annually
Graduate Deans Bob Cook Annually
UTM Computing Committee Marden Paul Biannually
UTSC IT Advisory Committee Patrick Hopewell Biannually
PVP Bob Cook As Required
Principals & Deans Bob Cook Monthly
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors & Chairs (PDAD&C) Bob Cook / Marden Paul Monthly
Provost’s Advisory Group Bob Cook / Marden Paul Weekly
University Operations heads Bob Cook Monthly
Continuing Education Marden Paul Biannually
Council of Continuing Education Coordinators Graham Kemp Quarterly
Classroom Technology Avi Hyman Biannually
Teaching, Learning and Technology Advisory Committee (TLTAC) Avi Hyman/Bob Cook/Laurie Harrison Quarterly
Blackboard Advisory Committee Avi Hyman Monthly
Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) Avi Hyman / Bob Cook Monthly
Library (Chief Librarian) Avi Hyman Bimonthly
Library Advisory Board Avi Hyman Biannually
Librarians’ Staff Meeting Avi Hyman Biannually
Research Services Avi Hyman Biannually
Research Advisory Board Avi Hyman Per invitation
Divisional Research Managers TBA Per invitation
Divisional CAOs Graham Kemp Per invitation
Divisional Business Officers’ meeting Graham Kemp Per invitation
Single Department Faculty Assistant Deans Graham Kemp Per invitation
Finance Bob Cook Biannually
Finance Advisory Services and Training Team TBA Per invitation
Facilities & Services Bob Cook Biannually
Police Services Martin Loeffler Quarterly
Sustainability Services Marden Paul / Patrick Hopewell Biannually
Sustainability Think Tank Marden Paul / Patrick Hopewell Quarterly
Crisis Management (HR) Bob Cook As required
Crisis Management Team Martin Loeffler As required
HR Managers (Central & Decentralized) Graham Kemp Per invitation
HR Priorities Group Graham Kemp Per invitation
Advancement managers Graham Kemp Per invitation
Communications managers Marden Paul Per invitation
Information Privacy Martin Loeffler Bi-Monthly
International Issues & Relations Marden Paul Biannually
VP – University Relations staff meetings Marden Paul Per invitation
Internationl activities staff Marden Paul Per invitation
ITS Leaders Forum All Directors Monthly
Departmental IT managers Patrick Hopewell Per invitation
InfoTech Patrick Hopewell Bimonthly
UT Webmasters Patrick Hopewell Monthly
Residence IT Administrators Patrick Hopewell Per invitation
Client Services Patrick Hopewell Monthly
Computer Science / iSchool / ECE Marden Paul / Avi Hyman Biannually
KMDI Avi Hyman Biannually